Greyscale  Good Beastly Bad

January 4, 2014 2015

My latest short film 'Greyscale'  'Good Beastly Bad' has been accepted into the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

Check out their website


Director's Cut

June 20, 2014 there were three different versions of 'Tartar Sauce'. 

This one is the original animation/recording script version, with the intended 'love' ending that didn't see the light of day.

Production Notes

June 10, 2014

I've just completed production notes. I just typed and didn't revise any of it. So it is what it is....


January 4, 2014

My latest short film 'Greyscale' has been accepted into the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

Check out their website


"Come Away, Come Away, Death"

Come away, come away, death,
             And in sad cypress let me be laid.
Fly away, fly away, breath;
             I am slain by a fair cruel maid.
My shroud of white, stuck all with yew,
             O, prepare it!
My part of death, no one so true
             Did share it.
Not a flower, not a flower sweet,
             On my black coffin let there be strown.
Not a friend, not a friend greet
             My poor corpse, where my bones shall be thrown.
A thousand thousand sighs to save,
             Lay me, O, where
Sad true lover never find my grave,
             To weep there! 

Goodbye Futurama

August 30, 2013

I say goodbye to my favorite show of all time. 

 First Hill - Television Pilot

August 22, 2013

Here is a pilot/proof of concept that was made about a year ago. I'm finally able to release it to the general public. A lot of hard work went into this with a lot of great people, to which, I'm very glad and grateful I have the opportunity to show it to the world.

 Production Notes - 

Zero Hour Nine AM

February 18, 2013

I've quickly completed some production notes for Zero Hour Nine AM. Please click on the picture to read the production notes. Thank you!


 First Hill Television Pilot

January 3, 2013

I've been collaborating with a few people I know in making a television pitch/pilot/proof of concept/waste of time, whatever you want to call it. 

While details will be scarce, I figured that it is important to note this as it's a project that has been about 9 months in the making. 


March 9, 2012

I've just written a blog about my experience in the prep and days before the week long intensive. If you're interested, give it a read. I'll blog about the week long intensive workshop and mentorship as time allows (I'm still in the mentorship as I type!)


April 14, 2012

I was lucky enough to win Best Writing for Tartar Sauce at the 2012 Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

Tartar Sauce also picked up a nomination for Best Film.

Click on the picture for all the Festival winners. (That's an over the shoulder shot of me giving a crappy speech)

Thanks to all who came up and showed their appreciation and support for my films and to everyone who attended the 2012 VISFF.

Could not have done it without Mike Kubit @MikeOnVoice.


September 10, 2011

I've gotten a few emails about Anime Studio Pro (formerly Moho) and the lua files that I use.

They're readily available on the Anime Studio forum, but for ease, here is the message board page for it: 

So now you don't have to right click every frame for a switch layer and instead you can get carpal tunnel watching late night cable.


March 10, 2012

Two of my films 'Tartar Sauce' and 'The ABC's..." are official entries to the 2012 Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

Click the laurel for more info or go to

Please check out my good friend and talent Mike Kubit, who helped me out with the voicework on both films.

And follow him on twitter MIKEONVOICE. 

Please please follow him. He needs more followers than me. I have waaaay too many porn bots 

 ONLINE - The New Dad's Survival Guide

June 12, 2011

Ive finally managed to put 'The New Dad's Survival Guide' online. 

I only entered this film into two festivals (and got into both!) so this really hasn't been 
seen by too many. This film was more for me than for you...but still watch it. 

You can watch the film by clicking, wait....HERE.

Thank You!!!

July 27, 2010

Thanks to all who attended the screening of "The New Dad's Survival Guide" at Comic-Con this past weekend!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.


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